Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Search Console

Please use the boxes below to search. All known early cent die varieties from all known numismatic researchers in the history of coin collecting are listed. Our search database is the most comprehensive online and offline. Please, search our photos free of charge!


  • Example: 1873; 1873 S1; 1873 DDO-1; 1873 Open.
    Additional examples: S1; DDO-001; DDO, etc. – This will provide results across all years.
    Also use names: Snow; Flynn; Poliquin; Doughty; Margolis; Breen, etc.
    …or keywords: rim; denticles; clash; die; portrait, etc.


  • Die Varieties by Year


If you can’t find your die variety in our search listing, than it is very possible you have a new die variety! Please send an email for attribution information and your photos, if you have some pictures. Evalutation through pictures in an email and in-hand with the actual coin is completely free of charge – ALWAYS! All we ask is that you include return shipping with insurance. Email Russell Doughty at or I am always willing to help attribute your coins. My stance is that our hobby, especially die variety attribution, should not be a barrier of entry into our hobby – numismatics. Everyone is welcome and I’m willing to learn from your submissions. Thank you!