8/1/2016 - I'm now pursuing a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oklahoma's Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology. My advisor is Dr. Xiangming Xiao. We are part of the Center for Spacial Analysis and the Earth Observation and Modeling Facility.

My internship at Sequoia National Park was a blast! Click here to see my YouTube video.



7/10/2013 - I have developed an American Tree Farm verifiable, sustainable management plan for my family's forest.

An ATFS Verifiable Management Plan for a Family Stewardship Forest in Southeast Oklahoma


2/21/2013 - We think our Kiamichi Basin study is polished enough to share:

 Watershed Assessment of the Kiamichi Basin of Oklahoma

Also, I've earned my Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Natural Resources en route to my Master of Natural Resources.


11/30/2012 - My capstone project is complete and available here:

Incentives for the Provision of Ecosystem Services by Private Landowners in the Sooner State


11/25/2012 - I've added two new pages, listed in the research section:

Land Use of Southeast Oklahoma

Climate of Southeast Oklahoma



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