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    More and more people are discovering just how vital this website is to variety collecting. A digital resource for variety listing is absolutely necessary if we wish to reach younger generations. If you are not online – if your website doesn’t work on a smartphone or tablet – you don’t exist.

    IndianVarieties.com will prove to be the template for the next generation of numismatists.

    Get on board or get left behind!

    Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head pennies never made more cents!

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    Online coin references are certainly the future of collecting, if not already the standard.
    In contrast to print, it’s more cost-effective to build an online site, and you can provide an much larger archive of photo references than being limited to the printed page. Any thought about including pricing for major varieties? A ballpark dollar value by grade could be very useful.

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    Yes, by the end of the year I hope to complete auction history research into about 120 of the top varieties. Actual auction records are informative. The value and prices of varieties are a factor of supply and demand, and auctions are a historical gauge of that supply and demand.

    Many guides and dealers try to assign a hard value to varieties for each grade. Personally, I don’t like to speculate as to the current or future price of a variety – especially in print. Too many factors can influence the supply and demand, changes to which will instantly make your speculative pricing even more of a shot in the dark.

    However, past auction histories are always useful because they tell a story – especially when we see changes in supply and demand. These changes over time will be captured in the price. For example, if a roll of mint state 1877 IHCs were found, then we’d expect that the sudden increase in supply to cause a reduction in price for MS 1877 Indians. And that change should be evident in the auction history.

    Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head pennies never made more cents!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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