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    Hey everyone, just a quick update. It has been a busy year for me!

    I got word a couple of weeks ago that I obtained a book grant from Central States Numismatic Society. In the near future, I will be taking a couple of research trips to obtain the materials and photos I need to complete the project. Hopefully, it will include a trip to the Philly Mint where a friend of mine is cataloging the mint’s old hubs, dies and galvanos.

    A new bill for web hosting has arrived. The brevity of this website necessitates a dedicated server, but that will run me $100+ a month. You may have noticed the website is slow at times or may even time out. So I’ve been considering ways to fund the hosting. I don’t like the idea of advertising on this website or making it a subscription based service. Perhaps I can raise enough in donations.

    With a dedicated server, I’d be able to have more than just this Flying Eagle and Indian Cent site. I can rinse a repeat with die varieties from other series with minimal effort. I’m open to all ideas and feedback, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Happy hunting,


    Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head pennies never made more cents!

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