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David, you have a great eye and thanks for taking the time to point out the discrepancy. I have made a mistake in the online listing.

Okay, so here are some of my notes:

1. I used the file names of the black and white photos to help attribute each variety when Kevin sent me his files. I didn’t change them, for example:

2. Some of the same varieties were listed twice in his reference and I had to consolidate the number and files into the earliest number.

3. What I listed as DDO-001 matches FND-004 (Snow-3) from FINDERS, but the pictures on my website are of a later die state than what is pictured in FINDERS and Snow. The letters are deteriorating heavily, but look at the lump on the top of the C near the serif and also the middle bar of F in OF. The reason that you can’t see the gap in the eye of the eagle at 9:00 in the photos online is because of die deterioration. So, yes I made a mistake in the cross-reference. DDO-001 as pictured on this website also matches Snow-3, which is perhaps most evident by looking at the crack or die line going from the top right of the M to the rim. I will correct the mistake.

4. I don’t have my Cherry Pickers books moved yet, so I can’t speak for their listing. I decided not to include their reference on the website because it appears to have several errors and the guides are not a definitive reference for any one series of coins. Also, the varieties they picked to put into the book and leave out do not appear to accurately reflect the true desirability of the collecting base for FECs or IHCs, at least in my experience. Nonetheless, it is a great resource for getting one’s feet wet.

5. Now that I’ve corrected the error in the cross-listing… we have a new challenge. What is the DDO-006? Has it been listed by Snow or is it a new variety?



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