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I took perhaps a dozen detailed pictures of the date area, and in some lighting angles that hubbed fiber really shows up. I was honestly wondering what that was, and it seems like a reasonable explanation–thanks for the input!

If a digit punch were to strike the denticles of a die, it would leave an impression on the highest points of the die before the most incuse. On the die, the denticles are raised triangles and the ‘teeth’ are scooped into the die.

Right–and that’s what I’m driving at concerning the MPD under the last 8. In the deeper denticle area on the coin (or high point on the die), I am seeing a raised mark, whose arc crosses underneath to the SW SE of the other MPD. Since we’re pointing at stuff, I’ve added some arrows to the area in question. You know…I hate crossing my eyes in an effort to “see” something which isn’t actually there LOL. So I step back and re-visit things like this to get a fresh perspective. And yep–I still see it. Granted, I may be looking pretty close at these varieties, because I think some details don’t get covered well in variety guides. We both know that details are getting routinely missed. 😀

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