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Nice find! I thought that the MPD looked kind of odd myself. Snow saw a 64RB. But in his picture, there seems to be a thread-like hubthrough running between the two misplaced 8s. I can see it somewhat on your specimen.

If a digit punch were to strike the denticles of a die, it would leave an impression on the highest points of the die before the most incuse. On the die, the denticles are raised triangles and the ‘teeth’ are scooped into the die. So for any blemish to occur on top of, or completely through the raised denticle on a stuck coin, the object making the blemish would need to be in the deepest recesses of the die.

For a digit punch, this really isn’t possible without destroying one or more of the die’s raised triangles between the denticles, and then going even deeper to leave an impression in the middle of the denticle.

What I’m getting at is this. For specimens that have a fiber hub through in the denticles, you very often see the fiber going through the denticle on a stuck coin, not just bridging two denticles like a MPD. This happens because the fiber is most likely cotton and is flexible enough to get pressed into the denticle when it is hubbed.

For this variety, it is my opinion that it shows attributes of both a hub through and a MPD. The so called misplaced 1 is somewhat similar to the oddity under the first 8, so who really knows. The hub through on this specimen may have been from a metallic fiber or extra metal that got between the hub and die because it is so strong and crude.

Just my thoughts and thanks for posting!!

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