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Ah thanks for posting. The oddities on the right hand side are more than likely too minor to list by themselves. Hub throughs are known to exist that look very similar to what you see under the 9 and second 1. The digit pointed out on the far left is probably the top of a 1.

I generally consider three things when looking at a (possible) MPD. Does it resemble a digit? IE, can you rule out a hubthrough fiber or scratch? 2. How bold is it? 3. Is the MPD in the field, and if not how far into the denticle does it protrude?

IMO, a fiber (or something other than a digit) could have made what you see on the right – but on the left it is definitely not fiber-like. It resembles some of the bolder, mid-denticle MPDs you see – like in 1868 for example. We’d need this coin in hand to be able to make a determination, however.

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