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Here’s another example of my focus-stacking/lighting technique. Where the last picture of the 1864 was a toned-down, more ‘natural’ lighting technique, here I have pushed the technique as far as it will go. It probably doesn’t get much more detailed than this! 😀 Notice how this shot picks out more of the die clash, as well as many minute details, including some scratches not visible in the last shot. The color looks less natural; it’s due to lighting angle and what colors are reflected off the surfaces.

Technical details: I shot this at ISO 64 for maximum detail/minimum noise, f9 1/100, saved as RAW, no sharpening in-camera–only a small amount in post-processing. Shot with my sharper 60mm. The final output is stacked from 75 individual pictures–not something you can do except for coins that really merit this level of detail. Imagine a high-grade DDO or a bold RPD like the 1894/1894 shot with this technique! I put the coin on a black background because I think it’s less distracting when viewing fine detail. With a photo of this quality, you could lock your best varieties away for safety and study the photograph alone.

You can see the 100% resolution picture here–it’s something to see! 😀

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