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I agree, there’s a high level of acutance from LED lights, especially on highly reflective surfaces like metal. That’s why I usually have considerable diffusion between the source and the subject. That said, I’m hardly sold on LEDs. These IKEA Jansjo lights very convenient due to their flexible goose-neck, but single point light is less than optimal. I’m going to experiment with other sources.

Color can be an intricate thing to control. Our eyes are sensitive to a different spectrum than a camera’s collector. For example, our eyes see blues to greens far more intensely. Minerals, which includes metal patinas, can look completely different to our eyes, in different light sources, or to the camera. Emeralds, for instance, always look washed-out blue to a camera. Metals are usually on the monochromatic end, but copper/bronze is a tricky one to capture because of its distinct color, how our eyes perceive it, and how the patina responds to different light sources. “Red” copper coins are easiest to capture for their color, but the color w/ high reflectivity makes controlling the tonal range a challenge.

The first wave of coin shoots will involve a lot of experimentation, with the hope I can devise a “formula” for shooting bronze coins with accurate color. I have tonal range solved, especially when I use my lighting technique. Next, will be color.