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Ah, okay cool. Yeah, nice pickup at that price. I noticed that when shooting my coins under a microscope, a bulb provides the most natural lighting. One of my scopes has LED lighting, which I had to add three layers of diffusing material – the light was just overwhelming and flushing everything out. Then, I had to play with the settings to get the most natural color. However, the old school bulb provides a softer, more even and natural tone. I didn’t have to add a diffuser or alter it – just point and shoot.

Only the most highend LED lights put out the wavelengths that mimic natural sunlight. I believe these are called full spectrum LED bulbs. Typical white LED lights put out only like 2 or 3 frequency ranges, where as the higher end ones put out more like 7-8 color frequencies. It seems possible that objects shot with LED lighting wont reflect their true colors because they are not being illuminated by a full spectrum. I’d be interested in what you know, because I really am kind of shooting in the wind here.

Another thing to consider is that LED emits light in a single direction from a very tiny single point. Omni-directional LED bulbs exist for reading lamps, etc. The old-school bulb in my microscope on the other hand illuminates along the filament, kind of providing a blanket of light even though it is from a single light source. For these two reasons, I haven’t found a decent way to use LED lighting when shooting coins.

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