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Here is a coin with very interesting cracking. My example is an earlier die state that shows the cracks as heavy stress flows in the die. This example for auction on eBay is the latest die state seen by David Poliquin and myself, and we both feel that it deserves attribution. The earlier die states are seen with some relative frequency, making it obtainable. The stress lines, and on this new specimen, the cracks, are extremely noticeable and covers a majority of the field in front of the portrait. Such a flaw in the obverse die is very rare, as it seems greater care was taken in maintaining the obverse dies – they were most often removed before cuds or heavy die cracks formed, for instance.

Odds are, this will be the latest and most desirable specimen of this unattributed variety for time to come.

Collecting Flying Eagle and Indian Head pennies never made more cents!

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