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Thanks for doing that–I figured only admins can post url code right now.

I’ll recap here–because I have solved some big problems and really improved the final 3D simulation! 🙂
First, I’ll post the depth map from my previous D810 shot using focus-stacking. Because of the results below, I wasn’t confident that 3D could be useful for studying IHC die varieties–at least with my setup.

Look at how poorly defined the digits are–good luck seeing the RPD!
Rough depth map

But now look at my latest depth map, made using a new technique. The digits are very well-defined, translating to real depth data on small details like the RPD. That gradation from dark to light is due to the coin being tilted to the camera. This way, focus-stacking gathers more depth data than if the fields were perpendicular to the lens. I also generated the depth map after I cropped down the image, which apparently improves resolution too. It’s a lot of technical details, but I think the results are worth it! 😀

New depth map

Here’s the link to the final result–imagine doing this for a really bold variety like the 1894/1894? –I’ll embed the video when that’s ready.