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“Im really curious how they are creating the depth maps for mint marks and dates on Lincolns – are those not quite a bit smaller and thinner?”
Yeah–one reason I like IHC varieties–the’re all pretty bold compared to mintmark varieties on Lincolns. I suspect they’re using some really tricked-out macro lenses with extension tubes, etc. to get close enough (2:1) to generate a depth map off a Lincoln date or mm. Maybe I’ll try that sometime, but for now I’m going to work with what I’ve got. Using tethering software is really excellent–I can zoom in on a date and adjust focus in very slight increments–better than a loupe!

In Helicon Focus, you can save the depth map as a jpg file. since it’s built from focus increments, it looks a lot like a topo map–in steps of “elevation” vs. a continuous tone GIS map.

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