1890 QDO-001

1890 QDO-001

Attributed to: Calvin Levorson


Design: Type 2 Hub
Composition: Bronze
Strike Type: Circulation

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Variety Summary

This quadrupled die is a very dramatic and desirable variety. It can be found in low grades, but the higher grades command a very substantial premium when each of the 4 steps can be easily seen.

Additional Notes


Class II, Distorted Hub Doubling.
Quadrupling toward the center shows on UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Some letters show quintupling. Doubling also seen on profile of the face.

Repunched Date: 1890/1890
Very light remnants of repuncing on all 4 digits seen wide south below the normal digits. The base of the repunched digits is seen right above the rim. The top of the repunched 0 is seen below the top of the normal 0.


The only bonifed quadruple die obverse in the entire series! In high demand, this coin and be picked out with the naked eye.

In a Bowers and Merena auction, 5 BU specimens were seen in a lot of 12 1890 Indian cents. One of these specimens was later graded MS65RD and sold for around $3,000, two or three specimens graded MS64RD and sold for about $1,000. The dealer who bought the lot did not realize what he had bought until after he won the lot.

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