1870 DDR-008

1870 DDR-008

Attributed to: Larry Steve

S6, S29

Design: Hub type not yet noted.
Composition: Bronze
Strike Type: Circulation

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Variety Summary

The doubling on the left side veins are the strongest of any of the known 1870 doubled die reverses. Its to bad there is no doubling on the denticles.

Additional Notes


Paired with RPD-004 and possibly a non-variety obverse die.

Die crack from the rim through the base of the 18 down to the field below the 7. Die crack from the rim down through the top of MER of AMERICA.


Class IV & V & VIII, Offset & Pivot &
Tilt Hub Doubling.
Doubing shows as very strong spread west on the O of ONE, CE of CENT, the veins and leaves on the left side of the wreath. Doubling also shows on the shield, and on the upper right side of the wreath. Besides being offset, there is a slight pivot and the die was tilted. There is little doubling on the right side and the design elements are weaker.

Die crack from the werath at 3 o'clock down to the rim at about 4:30. Die crack from rim at 10 o'clock down through the wreath, ending in the field at 8:30.

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1870 FND N/A


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1870 S6, S29


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