1865 Plain 5 RPD-002

>>>>1865 Plain 5 RPD-002

1865 Plain 5 RPD-002

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Attributed to: Unknown

S3a, S3b
Breen 1967
P3, P4

Design: Plain 5
Composition: Bronze
Strike Type: Circulation

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Triple Punched Date: 1865/1865/8
Repunched 1 south seen below the serif. Tripled punched 8 with the first 8 south seen below the top and middle. The base of a second 8 is seen between the base of the 8 and 6. Repunched 6 south seen below the too and middle.

Small die crack connecting the base of the 65. Retooling shows on most letters.


Die crack from the wreath at 4 o'clock up through the wreath to 3 o'clock.

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1865 FND-003


1865 P3, P4


1865 S3a, S3b


Breen 1967

Marvin and Margolis:


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  1. DVCollector
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    This is a very interesting RPD variety! Based on overlays I’ve done, I think that an 8 crosses the top right of the 1, producing that arc of raised metal. Then, there is a 6 repunched between 86–the sharp angle seen best matches this digit. Overall, these two marks line up perfectly with the “86” positions of this punch.

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