1864 No-L DDO-001, RPD-001

>>>>1864 No-L DDO-001, RPD-001

1864 No-L DDO-001, RPD-001

Attributed to: Kevin Flynn

S4a, S4b
P4, P5

Design: No-L
Composition: Bronze
Strike Type: Circulation

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Variety Summary

This variety has been known for several years and only a handful have been found. Those that are found are quickly bought for a nice premium over normal price. It is highly reccomended that you purchase this doubled die if you have a chance as you will have very few oppertunities to do so.

Additional Notes


Class III & V, Design & Pivot Hub
Doubling shows on LIBERTY, ear, headdress, feathers, hair, ribbon initial L, and the beads of the necklace. Class III doubling seen on the bust.

Repunched Date: 1864/164
Repunched 1 seen on the left side of the vertical bar. Repunched 6 on the inside right of the upper and lower loop of the 6. Repunched 4 seen to the left of the vertical bar of the 4.

Die gouge (dot) in field in from of the eye. Die clashing seen between feathers.


Die crack at 3 o'clock from the rim up through the wreath. Die crack at 1 o'clock from the wreath to the wreath. Die crack at 10:30 from the rim through the wreath to 9 o'clock. Die clashing seen between ONE CENT and the right side wreath.

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1864 FND-001


1864 P4, P5


1864 S4a, S4b


Breen N/A

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