1864 L RPD-001

1864 L RPD-001

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Attributed to: Unknown


Design: L
Composition: Bronze
Strike Type: Circulation

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Variety Summary

The plethora of widely repunched dates, and other important varieties, across two hub types and two plachet compositions makes 1864 one of the most exciting dates to pursue. Collect them all!

Additional Notes


Triple Punched Date: 1864/1864/18
Triple punched 1 with the first one wide south seen below the top and bottom, and to the right. Second 1 is north seen above the base on the right side. Triple punched 8 with the first 8 south seen below the top, middle and bottom. Second 8 north above the bottom and left side of the middle. Repunched 6 south seen below the top, middle, and bottom. Repunched 4 north seen above the middle.

Die scratch to the left of the 1 above rim up toward the bust, then back to the rim. Die crack through the bottom of OF AM.


Die crack from the rim at 11:00 through the wreath. Small die crack from the rim at 2:30 to the wreath.

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Breen N/A

Marvin and Margolis:


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  1. DVCollector
    Rated 4 out of 5


    One of the better RPDs of the whole series in terms of boldness. The underlying date, in places, is almost as deep as the final date. Was there much effort made in removing the prior digits?

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