1863 CRK-004

1863 CRK-004

Attributed to: Russell Doughty


Design: Rounded Bust
Composition: Copper Nickel
Strike Type: Circulation

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Variety Summary

Variety shares the same characteristics of other die pairs, with the obverse suffering little or no degradation while the reverse becomes severely cracked.  

Additional Notes


Observed with date placement at RE and a broken ES of STATES.


Reverse is rotated 6 degrees clockwise. The following die states are observed:
1: Radial die crack from the denticles at 10:00 into the field and just touching the O of ONE. The start of a die crack from the bottom left side of the shield into the wreath.
2: Light die crack from the denticles at 10:45 into the wreath where it intersects the now prominent die crack from the shield. Moderately heavy die crack from the denticles at 8:15 into the wreath. Die crack from the denticles at 5:00 into the ribbon end and touching the right side of the ribbon bow. Die crack at the denticles at 4:00 into the middle arrowhead and from the middle arrowhead upward through the wreath.
3: The die crack from 10:45 now loops around and connects with the radial die crack from 10:00. The die crack from the middle arrowhead has now continued upward through the wreath and tangent to the the top right side of shield and exits at 12:00. Die crack from the denticles at 3:45 enters the wreath and intersects the aforementioned crack at 9:00 within the wreath.
4: There is now a die break within the wreath connecting the die cracks at 10:00 with the die crack at 10:45. Die cracks from the denticles to the wreath at 1:30, 2:30 and 9:15. The section of the die crack right ribbon bow to wreath has become a die break.

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